Services – An incomplete list of what we do

Remote Support

We can support ANY device remotely! With a click of a button or by installing an app, we can remotely help you with the answers you need to stay productive, right from your screen.

Virus Scan/Removal

Have an infected PC? We can scan and fix 99% of infected computers.

Hardware Repair/Support

Computer won’t start? We can diagnose and repair your computer, network, etc.

Phone Support

We also provide over the phone support; priority is given to service plan subscribers.

Software/Hardware Installation

Need help installing that new printer? How about installing a new program? We are here to help!

Business Service Plans

Small businesses get a productivity boost when the company infrastructure is fast. Apply for a business maintenance plan!

Home Service Plans

Red Baron Computers offer a variety of service plans. Protect your computer today!


Home networks, corporate networks, routers, switches, firewalls, VPN, WiFi, and Cat 5-6 cabling.

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