George Mims

Matthew Atkinson (senior technician at Red Baron Computers), spot on excellent IT, quick and doable solutions for Computer difficulties, recommended out of personal experience!

George Mims

( Customer from Houston, TX )

Other Testimonials

Matthew, (senior technician at Red Baron Computers) I believe you can fix anything. Thank you for your lightening fast service and expert advice; wish I could download your brain to mine. You are truly an answer to prayer. Thanks again.

Kevin Street

( Owner of Mid-Mo Metals in Latham, MO )

Matthew (Senior Technician at Red Baron Computers) has worked on networks, servers, computers, printers, laptops, notebooks, tablets, and smart phones, for me and my clients for over 10 years. I highly recommend him in all areas of computer operations, hardware, software, and technical support.

Rod Vining

( Owner, Vinewood Business Solutions Inc., Mobile, AL )

Matthew (Senior technician at Red Baron Computers) has been handling my personal, and professional computer repairs and troubleshooting for several years. I recommend his service without hesitation. He has been knowledgeable and professional at all times.

Dale Greenstein

( Customer from Mobile, AL )

Matthew (Senior technician at Red Baron Computers) has always been professional and such a huge help to someone like me that believes computers should be as easy as pushing a button. He always responded in a timely manner and would always help no matter what time it was. Great person to work with and always spoke to you in a manner to make you feel comfortable. Thank you for everything you have done for me!

Yesenia Elliott

( Customer from Nashville, TN )

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