Rod Vining

Matthew (Senior Technician at Red Baron Computers) has worked on networks, servers, computers, printers, laptops, notebooks, tablets, and smart phones, for me and my clients for over 10 years. I highly recommend him in all areas of computer operations, hardware, software, and technical support.

Rod Vining

( Owner, Vinewood Business Solutions Inc., Mobile, AL )

Other Testimonials

Matthew, (senior technician at Red Baron Computers) I believe you can fix anything. Thank you for your lightening fast service and expert advice; wish I could download your brain to mine. You are truly an answer to prayer. Thanks again.

Kevin Street

( Owner of Mid-Mo Metals in Latham, MO )

Matthew Atkinson (senior technician at Red Baron Computers), spot on excellent IT, quick and doable solutions for Computer difficulties, recommended out of personal experience!

George Mims

( Customer from Houston, TX )

Matthew (Senior technician at Red Baron Computers) has been handling my personal, and professional computer repairs and troubleshooting for several years. I recommend his service without hesitation. He has been knowledgeable and professional at all times.

Dale Greenstein

( Customer from Mobile, AL )

Matthew (Senior technician at Red Baron Computers) has always been professional and such a huge help to someone like me that believes computers should be as easy as pushing a button. He always responded in a timely manner and would always help no matter what time it was. Great person to work with and always spoke to you in a manner to make you feel comfortable. Thank you for everything you have done for me!

Yesenia Elliott

( Customer from Nashville, TN )

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